Dark verse

I had a one night stand with pain

I was unarmed, her flames licked my softest side, i said stop i said wait there is not enough night

To fit the pain, not enough world to scorch i wonder if drunkenness can ever save a soul

Don’t we want to blink at reality and the reality of pain carries the threat of her own unreality so artfully, so comically, so so great, ah

Poetry, the dark fire for the soul. A one night stand with pain, sweet candle of agony with the charring wick of hope oh

Artificial fantasy, electrocution of our nerves, short corcuit, meltdown of meaningness speech becomes slurŕrrrrr

Dark verse was originally published on Meandering home

Oh great people, great healthy people

Oh great people, great healthy people with bosoms abulge and necks like reeds
I want to like the fire of empathy that burns on your cheeks
I want to write in the wake of your perfect gait
I want to abide your teeth, carnivorous and straight
I want to bury my envy at your feet, live inside your vital needs
Listen, great health. My own afternoon is dying and I can’t wait
My pain is the shrapnel of faith, exploded behind my face.
Please, not everybody can right, or does it matter, the other’s gaze?
It matters after the pain, it has a second place.
Pain learns the deeper faith.

Oh great people, great healthy people was originally published on Meandering home