Zion Assembly Church of God

Nairobi. Kenya. December 13th, 2009

The Zion Assembly Church of God invites us and our Kenyan friends to tell about 100 children about their rights not to be abused.

Apart from the workshop, we also provide a meal for the children.

Name Zion Assembly Church of God
Aim Children’s Rights Sensitizing and Sustainable Feeding Program
Since 2000
Staff 12 people were assisting us
People reached about 200 children attented the event
Contact Pastor Michael Alanya
Donation 4,000 KES (53 USD)

It seems like a miracle to me that there are 200 children waiting for us as we arrive in the church near Soweto, Nairobi. The minister and his wife, and all the other church members involved have done a great job that fills our hearts with gratitude. Without any form of bureaucracy they had managed to gather all those kids in the church, and were entertaining them until our somewhat delayed arrival.

I have paid for a simple meal of beans and rice, and they like it. They had worked very efficiently. Willys and I also have a bite and it is delicious indeed.

Some of the small children have to go home earlier, because it is dangerous for them to travel after sunset. So we start the movie straight away and, like the last time, it is a big success. We pause the movie after about twenty minutes to do the sensitizing role play. I put on my sunglasses and wrap myself in Willys’ graduation gown to look like the mean abusive uncle I impersonate. I tell the kid she is a liar – and “slap” her (I jam the microphone against my thighs); I tell her she is lazy – and hit her again. Then I leave and come back drunk, harassing the child because she just stands in the way. There is a witness, and she tells her story to the relevant authorities. After we have shown the official procedure I am arrested and thrown in the corner. Big applause. The awareness program seems to be a success.

Not from rice alone…

We continue the movie, and as daylight slowly dims, the concentration raised and many a child was laughing about the funny creatures on the screen. We could not finish the movie for safety reasons: the children have to be home before darkness. Everybody has a great time and we see the children off as they are taken home in a packed matatu. By that time, I have shaken close to a hundred hands.

I have a dream. If 52 travelers do this each year, it will be a sustainable weekly event, something for the children to live up to, and something that leaves a lasting impression on their souls.

Kamiel plays a bad uncle

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december 6. Going to Church.

A lazy sunday morning. Then we go to church together. Four boys walking through the sunny streets of Kayole with bibles under their arms. I feel it would make a good picture, and it also reminds me of the… Beatles.

In the afternoon I decide to work in the cybershop to tell my friends in such far away places like Holland or Germany that I am alright. Electricity had broken down that morning and they had closed the shop. Despite power being back again, we find it still closed and wait for a boy rushing in on a light motorbike to open it for us. I work for five hours straight and still feel like nothing has been done.
In the evening we are invited at the pastor’s place for a traditional Kenyan meal which I enjoy very much. I can eat Ugali with my hands now and scoop up the meat with a chunk of the white stuff. I can feel my fatigue though and have a hard time suppressing a yawn. It is great to feel the hospitality of this family and I am really happy to be here. We decide to do the more serious talking with the pastor (about my project) later.

december 6. Going to Church. was originally published on Meandering home