Holy Cross Hospice

Holy Cross Hospice Gaborone, Botswana

Gabarone, Botswana. February 22th, 2010

The Holy Cross Hospice in Gaborone provides care and support to the terminally ill and patients with life limiting illnesses, orphans and vulnerable children (OVC), and their families and caregivers in Gaborone.

Name Holy Cross Hospice, Gaborone, Botswana
Aim Providing care and support to the terminally ill and patients with life limiting illnesses, orphans and vulnerable children (OVC), and their families and caregivers in Gaborone. 
Since established 1994, registered 1995
Staff 20 fulltime workers and 6 volunteers
People reached 600 OVC’s in 4 daycare kid’s clubs, 100 patients, 75 children in the preschool
Contact The Holy Cross Hospice
Plot 4303
Mboya Close Road, Newstands, Gaborone
Postal Address: Private Bag 00287 Gaborone, Botswana
(267) 3902980 / (267) 3952115
Vic Compher: icannotbesilent.blogspot.com/
Donation 300 USD
You can send money to this account:
Barclays Bank of Botswana / Mall Branch Gaborone
Account:  2742940

We know about the Holy Cross  Hospice through Mr. Vic Compher, a friend of our couchsurfing host Sheldon Weeks. Mr. Compher takes us to the hospice where we are welcomed by Angel, a 26 year old talented social worker and the managing director. We introduce ourselves and our project before we are shown around the premises.

The hospice is situated in several buildings that belong to the Anglican church “holy cross” congregation. There is a small chapel where services are held. There is also a board room and an old kitchen.

There are several semi-perminent shelters on the premises to accomodate the patients that are too sick for home-based care. They are sponsored by various sources. We see some smiling ladies sitting on a metal bed. Vic tells us that the situation was catastrophic before the introduction of antiviral drugs such as Retrovir, which can keep people alive for quite some time.

The Hospice offers special nutritional support to the patients, medication and psychosocial support, physical training (workout) and occupational therapy. It also offers life skills training and income generating activities.

Apart from the terminally ill patients, the Holy Cross Hospice takes care of 75 orphans in a preschool that also has a feeding program, and 600 more OVC’s in kids clubs in four different districts of Gaborone. They really do live their vision, which is closely affiliated to ours:

“We will be a leader in provision of family centered hospice and palliative care, striving to become more self sustainable, innovative and creative in the provision and expansion of services.”

Our donation will be used for purchasing palliative medication.

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Kagisano Women’s shelter project / jewelry workshop

Kagisano Women’s shelter project

Gabarone, Botswana. February 21th, 2010

Kagisano provides shelter for abused women and supports them with vocational training. One of their projects is a paper maché jewelry workshop in Gaborone.

We visit the workshop and make a donation to provide some supplies for the handicraftproject.

Name Kagisano Women’s shelter project / jewelry workshop, Gaborone, Botswana
Aim Kagisano “To empower those affected by HIV/AIDS and violence by providing temporary shelter, counseling, referrals and survival skills.”
Since The shelter operates since June 1998. The workshop started in 2009.
Staff 1 teacher
People reached Currently up to 4 students
Contact Joyce Ramphaleng
Donation 650 Pula + 100 USD (200 USD)

Our first cause in Botswana is supporting abused women to find their way back into society. They have often gone through terrible experiences, beaten and raped by their former partners from whom they have to be protected.

For this reason, the actual shelter we visit is on a secret location.

We decide to support a sustainable income-generating activity that involves the women: a jewelry workshop. We drop by in the early afternoon and meet Joyce and two of the women learning from her. The workshop is located in a small barack on the premises of the Kagisano drop-in centre. One of the women comes from Maun, Botswana’s third city near the Okavango delta.

We see newspaper sheets, beads, cotton, paint and other materials. It is amazing how much can be done with natural objects you just find on the ground. Joyce presents us the resulting products. The paper mash jewelry looks very nice indeed. Yeon and I decide to buy some pretty bracelets. The bowls and earrings also look great.

Joyce also paints. The paintings have a great design, some of them depict Botswana traditional life, and can help making this project sustainable.

However, some indispensable materials for making jewelry cannot be found on the street. Our donation goes to those materials, mainly paint.

Below is a list to give you an idea of the price of the jewelry.
big bowl 55 Pula (about 9 USD)
medium bowl 45P
pot 45-55P
bracelet 45P
necklace 75P
earrings 20P

Kagisano Women’s shelter project / jewelry workshop was originally published on Meandering home