Cloud Watching with my Child

We lie still on a silent green slope
watching the clouds for hours
in their unending transformation

You see a crocodile, I see a monkey,
you see a turtle, I see a tiny fish
then there is silence and I think of you

Much later, attuned to thoughts of grief
oblivious of the highs and lows that were
and how we share a name and a belief
that poetry will find us there.

Cloud Watching with my Child was originally published on Meandering home


After the boil you wait. Then you pour.
Then you wait again. Three minutes.
And then you press down.

Each morning, I serve myself
a cup of coffee. I smile for my master
who is so free, almost like me

We both saw a full moon last night
and she turned us into a long shadow
so beautiful that I wanted
to dance for it

My master told me: No.
But I danced. Slowly.
It felt like coffee.

Coffee was originally published on Meandering home