we burst heartlong through life

we burst heartlong through life
before the silence
we don’t know the probability of a thermonuclear war
& other reflections of the mammalian brain
________that rascal!
butterfly wings are rife with functionality
________or take phantom limbs
we tool like a tool inside a tool
& that is confusing too but also wonderful
like feeling the warmth of a sunrise on our eyelids

we burst heartlong through life was originally published on Meandering home

What is it like to be a pig’s brain

I read about scientists who brought a pig’s brain back to life
for 36 hours. What is it like to be a pig
without a body? If that question is answerable, it can be
answered only in the language of the mind, which is
produced by that pig’s brain. It would be difficult
to ask the question but we could connect electrodes
to the brain and try to encode “what is it like in there?”
in certain signals. We could assume that the quality of being a pig
would be the brain’s prime concern, and we could further assume
that the brain wishes to communicate that quality to us, for
it has nothing better to do.
So, the oinks that come back, how do we translate them
into something we can understand?
And suppose something did come back, something like
“it is a loathsome kerfuffle in here”
how can we be sure a loathsome kerfuffle is what it is
like to be a pig?

What is it like to be a pig’s brain was originally published on Meandering home

Morning Routine

I have the best morning routine. It’s an exceptional morning routine. It’s quick and new and ‘smart’. You do this morning routine, it will blow people out of the water. They’ll never see it coming! It’s the number one routine. The absolute best.

There is a healthy brain guru named Jim Kwik who is peddling his ‘amazing’ courses on the Internet for $399. I watched some of the man’s boastful videos, in which he explained the good old loci-method of memorization using healthy habits as an example. And it actualy worked. A week later, I still know what I had ‘put’ on my head, on my shoulders, in my ears, and so on. Great stuff.

And then there’s the a-ma-zing morning routine. Here it is in my own, compact, words:

  1. Remember your dreams (they can be really creative)
  2. Make your bed (organizing, getting-things-done mindset)
  3. Drink a glass of water (hydrate your brain)
  4. Exercise (when your body moves, your brain …)
  5. Take a cold shower (immune system boost)
  6. Brush your teeth with the opposite hand
  7. Drink energy tea
  8. Drink a smoothie
  9. Journal
  10. * Don’t use your smartphone the first hour of the day.

Why do I remember this list? Such awesome, mysterious memory magic! It is just great! Amazing! Wow, I’m so excited. I can’t wait to try this myself. Yes and, Steve, don’t forget that if you call now you get a $29 discount! Really? Oh, that’s fantastic. I already loved it. I guess you can say that I’m hooked. Hooked! It is absolute great and you know what’s the best part? I have learned the wisdom of self-irony.

Full disclosure: Jim Kwik pays me $999 for sharing this with you. Just kidding.

Morning Routine was originally published on Meandering home