I like to be kind to you. But I like to be even more kind to those left behind, invisible, out-cast, unconnected by our culture.

There is a philosophical point of great importance here. The powerless, invisible seem to be structurally ignored by the media, the aid organisations, the volunteer agencies, their governments, Western governments, and you.

It is one of my contributions to a more exciting world (you judge for yourself if it is a better world) to BOLDLY help these people and their initiatives get connected, seen, visited, to enable them to benefit from the global “village” culture rather than become its victims.

You can help. As a traveler you can boldly go and visit them, sharing your skills with them, delivering in kind donations, putting them in touch with organisations, vouch for them, writing about them, and more.

Please contemplate these thoughts, and do it.  I’d appreciate it as your gift for my next birthday, and the next, and the next;-

You can have a look for yourself here, with lots of examples and explanations:


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