Person of color

A person of color walks into a bar
he gets seated on a prominent stool
and whispers “triple scotch please”
the bartender, who since the unfortunate event
two weeks ago, is a person of color too, says
right away sir and pours his drink and Nina sings
Nina Simone was a person of color, too.

You didn’t see you the gorilla walking in the background, did you?


Person of color was originally published on Meandering home


Two types of religion

A father can call the deepest motivation of his child
the tentative and most fragile design of his heart
morally reprehensible. So he summons the energy
that will self-destroy his child.

There are two types of religion
In one, there is a Father and He shall forgive you
In the other, you shall forgive the Father
Our religious energy flows between two generations
in either direction.

We must live free from the filthy desire for redemption.

Two types of religion was originally published on Meandering home

What is a dystopia?

What we see here is the purest form of a dystopian future. Everything we hold dear in traffic will be sacrificed for the convenience of apathatic air-conditioned slumbering in self-driving ugliness, on our way to a slightly colder place in hell. What we cherish most about ‘traffic’ (that concept will disappear during this disenchanting transformation) is the social aspect of it. Forever gone will be turning down the window in order to yell at our dearest fellow mortals. Gone will be the days that we were merely semi-enclosed in rolling aluminum gaskets, still able to hunk at each other and call a motherfucker, a motherfucker. Never again will the complexity of human traffic challenge our minds and invoke polite consideration for those we share the road with, let alone gentlemanlike courteousness.

As we float in the weightlessness and witlessness of our Sedric succumbing to whatever movie we ‘choose’ to play on the high-tech screen it sports for a windshield, we will learn to forget about the father of all modern-day conflicts. It will leave us unequipped for any real conflict situation that might still bubble up from the cesspool of our primate instincts. We will dodge each other at the first sign of genuine, well, otherness. And that, my friends, is a dystopia.

What is a dystopia? was originally published on Meandering home