Message to the future

I risk an early death by sitting down for this
so listen: my clavicles move like daggers
to write cut-throat poetry for you
no jokes. no mirrors.

This here is a message you cannot unread. Also, it ages
less quickly than we do. When you and I have turned
into dust, this thing will be around.

I wanted it engraved, as our signature on a granite rock
to be unearthed after seventy-two generations. Then came doubt:
I don’t know which is greater: the horror of their gaze
or the horror of nothingness

But since that is no ending, I will throw this thing
into the tiding ocean of geological time
shall we uncork it so it dissolves like the salt on your tongue
when we drink tequilas or make love?

Message to the future was originally published on Meandering home


Published by

Kamiel Choi

Dutch philosopher and poet, sometimes sharing thoughts on the internet.

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