June 23. Lobbying for a good cause.

We wait in the lobby of the Hilton hotel for her. It is a landmark here in Hua Hin and we figured a suitable place for a meetup. We have a look around and see the tourists munching, swimming, relaxing, reading, drinking – this is many people’s idea of paradise. We could have jumped in the pool with them, who cares “hotel guests only”. When she shows up, we are cheerful. Meredith is very friendly. We have a good talk about the possible cooperation of couchsurfing and volunteering platforms, and we learn that it is important that couchsurfing remains independent, and won’t easily affiliate with other platforms. I understand and know what to do to spread our concept. Thanks Meredith!
I pick up Hornby’s “Juliet naked”, because I know Hornby and the praise on the cover seems genuine. It’s an okay book if you like romanticising about forgotten eighties rock stars.

We catch the overnight train to Hat Yai, the infamous border town near Malaysia. The AC in our compartment is freezing cold, as if the villain in a James Bond movie has opened a critical valve full throttle. I crawl in my sleeping back and give Yeon the jacket, and dream away.

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Kamiel Choi

Dutch philosopher and poet, sometimes sharing thoughts on the internet.

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