December 12. And let there be darkness. Projection in a church.

We travel back to Nairobi in the morning, arriving at 4pm but still in time to do our session in the church. There are 200 children singing and clapping when we arrive and introduce ourselves. First we offer all of them a simple healthy meal of rice and beans, and they like it. We call it a Sustainable Feeding Program, making it sound very official and attractive for corporate sponsors. But this one is real. The little child feeding his friend a spoonful of beans.

We are going to show you a movie. And so we do. The children like it, despite of the lacking darkness that is takes for the image we project on the white sheet to be sharp. So here we are in a church, hoping for some more darkness to catch the concentration of the 200 children.

The roleplay we show them in the first break is a big success. I play the abusive uncle again, wrapping myself in Willys’ graduation gown, and when I am arrested and thrown into the corner I hope the children understand what we teach them about their rights. We get a good applause, and continue the movie with smiles on our faces. We can’t finish it because the kids have to be home before darkness, but I can see on their faces that they have enjoyed themselves and might remember the day – and what we’ve taught them.


Published by

Kamiel Choi

Dutch philosopher and poet, sometimes sharing thoughts on the internet.

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