November 28. Reaching anybody?

After some five weeks, I become more and more convinced that the idea of Charity Travel works. Many travelers I meet on my way are enthousiastic about it, which shows me it has potential. What we have to do is

a) Reach a larger audience. I am trying everything within legal boundaries to do so. If I fail at that, I will resort to illegal things to get Charity Travel in the news and into the minds of young rich kids who could do the world and themselves such a favour by charity traveling. I could, for example, pretend to rob a bank or steal a police car, dressed in my project t-shirt; I could pretend to threaten to jump off a building; I could run around naked in New York city. We all know that our society is so rotten that this would excite more people than the most loveable story about charity

b) Make sure this audience tries charity traveling, or getting involved in charity in their own community. Any suggestions?

Published by

Kamiel Choi

Dutch philosopher and poet, sometimes sharing thoughts on the internet.

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