November 27. Pharaonic village.

The pharaonic village is definitely worth a visit. Obviously, it is a tourism getaway of the purest kind, but if you want to refresh your knowledge about ancient Egypt, this is your place. I enter the village in the early afternoon and take a smooth boatride passing a dozen divine statues listening to the synchronized clamourous explanation through the loudspeakers of the slow tugboat. I will have a personal guide to show me around the village, which is much like an open air museum, showing the life in ancient Egypt. There are also museums about Nasser, Sadat, pyramid building, ship building, and automobiles. I joke that this place serves Martians on their first visit to earth.

I meet a Pakistani software guy and we enjoy the time musing and strolling around the island. He has to leave before dinner though, so I end up eating alone, which is, as I am aware of, not of much interest here. The boatride on the Nile is nice and releases a substantial amount of endorphines in me. A small boat with a careless youth mistreating the steering wheel rams us and gave me a unique opportunity to hear some serious Egyptian cursing from our captain.
In the light of the ferry accident a week later, this makes me realize my luck once again.

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Kamiel Choi

Dutch philosopher and poet, sometimes sharing thoughts on the internet.

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