July 13.

Yog-hu-ru-tu, Yog-hu-ru-tu, the woman shouts. Yog-hu-ru-tu, where are you? I am watching a children’s theater play with joy. The title is “Looking for Yoghurt” and Yoghurt is actually a cat. Yeon, the set designer, is my couchsurfing host. The set is colorful and simple. I like the lighting effects assisting pantomime play on stage, and the smart and simple way to let the characters to the opposite end of the world!
The play is a cooperation between English, Japanese, and Korean theater makers about a Korean girl looking for her cat named Yoghurt. She meets a young Japanese man who is looking for monsters. They continue their search together. Someone is hiding behind a crate: an Englishman who is petrified about what happens on the construction area – because that is where they are, and the monsters are in fact huge cranes. Will they ever find the little kitty Yoghurt?
When it comes to theater, I prefer children’s plays because they have story lines I can follow and emotions I can understand. I know what grown-up theater is about. Grown-up theater is about throwing whatever you can throw at your audience, confronting the audience. Children’s theater doesn’t focus on the forceful reeducation of its audience and that’s why for me, it’s a delight.
We have a good Korean vegetarian dinner afterwards and I am glad to have experienced this day.

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Kamiel Choi

Dutch philosopher and poet, sometimes sharing thoughts on the internet.

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