June 28. Epochè.

There is a woman walking around at night close to where I live. I see here every time I come home. She stands near the stairs on the sidewalk of the road that curves around the Namsan mountain. She wears a mini-skirt and heavy makeup that almost make her look like a transvestite.

I don’t know what that woman is doing there. Would she have fantasies about being a street prostitute, but not the guts to hang out in a sketchy area further away from home, where men would talk to her. I am just guessing. The woman walks back and forth on the sidewalk. She doesn’t smile at me. Her stockings are immaculous. I think she is around forty-five. We should not let our fantasy run like a wild rabies-infected fox in the chicken ren of possibility though. Maybe she is working somewhere and wants to get some fresh air after a long day at the office. Or she is divorced and copes with her past (Korean divorcees live a hard life) on her nocturnal promenades. I cannot know. This woman is here for a reason, that’s what I like to think. Hey, but I can think of a reason, that comes in handy. She is here to teach me to postpone my judgement about other people. Thank you, mysterious woman.

Published by

Kamiel Choi

Dutch philosopher and poet, sometimes sharing thoughts on the internet.

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