April 18. Locro, Picante, and Llajua.

If you have the feeling that you cannot do anything right, that you are doomed to mediocracy in whatever you undertake, stop worrying about it. Just think about the hour of your death: you will be perfect at it. You will look to your left, you will look to your right, and bam! you will be gone – perfectly dead.

Do you contract your jaw muscles when you sew your clothes?

We take a bath in the river. A motor taxi takes us to the brown shallow stream with a comfortable current. The water is clean and the scene is very peaceful. At both sides of the rio, large reddish sand walls form the reminiscence of more violent natural activity: heavy rain must have swept away large masses of earth. We stay in the warm turbid water until sundown, and play savage sandmen. The same motor taxi takes us back to the village.

At night, we eat traditional Bolivian dishes, prepared in a huge pan on a woodfire. It tastes really good. If you are in Bolivia, ask for a soup called Locro, a dish called Picante, a sauce called Llajua (salsa), and Chuño (dehydrated potatoes). Sitting next to the woodfire also keeps the mosquitos away.

Do you contract your jaw muscles when you sew your clothes?


Published by

Kamiel Choi

Dutch philosopher and poet, sometimes sharing thoughts on the internet.

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