March 17. Cordoba.

We woke up in Cordoba and started walking around under the hot sun. In this city we had the address of some couchsurfers so we called them we were coming and jumped on a crowded bus. After a twenty minute bus ride we arrived at their place, a small one-floor white casa with a garden around it. Meri and Viktor are so kind.
After arranging some things we went back to the center to enjoy the architecture and the atmosphere of Buenos Aires main rival. The only beggars we saw were sitting in front of the neogothic church. The two-million city was kept really clean; ‘t was a delight to sit down on the grass and share a small bottle of Carcasconne, inexpensive Mendozean wine. A small museum Meri showed us had an agreeable collection of modern Argentinian art on display; I remember a girl carrying a blue hare through a wood.

You’re reading the Original here. The raw version, the unabridged account of a trip that has yet to become bolder, to lift off as it were. You can copy this original; it is not protected. No-one will come and make the claim of intellectual ownership. No-one will sue you when you use these lines to suit any occasion. No-one will ask any questions. But believe me: there is no better way to protect the Original.


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Kamiel Choi

Dutch philosopher and poet, sometimes sharing thoughts on the internet.

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